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CompLearn e-Learning

Information about e-learning system

Learning under EITCA Academy programme only takes place remotely on the e-learning platform on-line via Internet (CompLearn e-Learning).

In flexibly time-organized didactic process which is carried out via a computer and the Internet, the physical presence in lecture rooms, workshops locations or in laboratories is not necessary, so that many barriers are eliminated (e.g. physical, geographical, temporal, etc.).

After completing of all formalities connected with a personal account registration, each of the EITCA / EITC programme participants is given an access to the appropriate e-learning training platform based on advanced network solutions incorporating asynchronous learning methodologies.

The content of the e-learning training platform

EITCA Academy programme is carried out through the particular EITC courses (which in the case of the domestic edition of the EITCA programme can also be implemented separately, without the implementation of the whole Academy - appropriate EITC programmes constitute a corresponding EITCA Academy programme, but they can be undertaken separately). Each of the EITC course programme consists of lectures, tutorials, laboratories (including interactive applications), consultations and examinations (in a form of multiple-choice question exams).