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EITCA Benefits

What are the benefits for EITCA Academy participant?
  • A formal statement in detail confirming IT competencies acquired within the EITCA / EITC programme in a form of an interdomestic EITC Certificate issued by the European Information Technologies Certification Institute (EITCI) in Brussels with a supplement in English along with local language copies, as well with the diploma of completion the domestic edition of EITCA Academy issued by the domesticly programme implementing branch / institution.
  • A significant increase in the competitiveness on the labor market in practically every sector of the economy of the modern information society by essential acquisition or improvement of skills in a particular IT application field.
  • Professional theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field covered by EITCA Academy on the substantive quality level of the postgraduate studies implemented under the domestic edition of the interdomestic Information Technology certification programme of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute.
  • A comprehensive training in the corresponding dimension between 150 and 180 hours of standard classroom lessons (a dimension of two semesters of a postgraduate studies level), thus a multiple volume of the standard programme of IT courses and trainings commercially available on the market.
  • Access to the individual consultation with an academic staff through the whole duration of the training.
  • In case the participant is willing, he or she can be included as a certified professional in the field according to his appropriate specialization profile of the EITCA (or EITC) completed programme in the interdomestic database of IT professionals (, which is widely available to employers globally.